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Online Registration 

Please read our disclaimer and Online Registration Requirements. If you agree with the disclaimer and requirements, check the box and click "Begin."


Volunteer Duty
Each family is responsible for fulfilling one volunteer requirement per child registered. If you would rather not volunteer, you can "buy out" of your obligation for $50 per child.

Managers & Coaches
If you are managing or coaching a team, please choose a time slot for "Manager/Coach Clean-up." Managers & Coaches must fulfill one time slot regardless of how many children they are registering.

These volunteer duties are in addition to our new Team Clean Up policy. More information on this new policy can be found on the website.

Please note: Field Improvement Raffle Tickets ($0.00, one book per family) will be added to your costs. Your child’s coach will give you your family’s raffle tickets. The "$275.00Family Maximum" is for League Fees ONLY. It does not include Field Improvement Raffle Tickets, Volunteer Commitment Duty, Snoball fees, Travel fees or any other miscellaneous fees. If you register late, after our last in-person registration date, your "Field Improvement Raffle" fee becomes a "Field Improvement" fee. You will not receive raffle tickets.

Uniform Pants: Coaches will hand out pants to those who register online.

Residency Requirements
You must fall into one of the following categories:
  • Your child is a community resident
  • Your child attends a community school
  • Your child has played in the League previously

If you do not meet our residency requirements, please contact us at secretary@youthsportsmanager.com, where we will review your request. All residency is subject to verification.





Please send questions, comments and problems here.